This mural was a donation to the community of Normal Heights in San Diego, California. I wanted to donate a mural somewhere in San Diego and the Normal Heights Arts Committee invited me to paint one for them on the Masonic Lodge on Adams avenue. This California Grizzly bear symbolizes the connection and balance of nature and the universe and how it is not only engrained in the animals in nature but in humans as well. The cut-outs of the animal reveal elements of our environments and the flesh and bone matter that make up most creatures on earth. Without all these organic elements working in harmony, things get out of balance and not only does our environment suffer, but so do the animals that live in it. The last California Grizzly was seen in Sequoia National Forest in 1924 and as a result of over hunting they became extinct. Sadly, the bear remains the strong symbol California even though it is gone- we need to keep the balance to keep our environments and animals alive. Huge thanks to @selenajong & the Normal Heights Art Committee for making this happen and thanks to the Normal Heights Mason’s for giving me their wall to paint this piece. It was an honor to donate this mural to such a rad community!

18ft x 20ft • Montana Spray Paints